Saying goodbye is never easy, but saying goodbye is a natural and healthy part of the grieving process.

At High Country Services this can take place in a number of ways. From a more traditional ceremony joined by family and friends to a private meaningful service with your immediate family.

From the moment your loved one enters our care our professional staff is committed to serving with compassion and dignity.

Our services includes:

·        Creative planning of meaningful burial or cremation services

·        Coordination with clergy, florist, cemetery, or other complementary service providers

·        Acquisition and completion of necessary government forms, including death certificates and other required documents

·        Assistance with insurance claims

Regardless of how you want to say goodbye, our staff is ready to serve.

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  • Recently, my father passed away and was returned to his home in the Twin County area for funeral service and final burial. The arrangements were handled by Twin County Funerals, under the direction of Greg and Stephanie Rinehart. I am happy to comment that the personal service and commitment of these two made the whole process more bearable. The professionalism and sincere touches and attention Greg and Stephanie provided were excellent. In addition, the facilities are modern and perhaps the best in SW Virginia. I would encourage anyone in the area to consider utilizing Twin County Funerals in your time of need. The service you will receive will make a difficult time easier to deal with. Doug and Donna Fender
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    Doug Fender, Son of Lewis Fender

  • Dear Mr. Rinehart and Staff, Our Family wants to thank you for the outstanding service you provided to our family at our time of loss. You certainly exceeded our expectations. Thanks again for your assistamce and please continue to deliver such excellence in your business. This is not often found these days. You will be highly recommended to everyone I know. Sincerely Mable L. Nelsoen and Family
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    Mable Nelsoen, Beloved Wife of Marvin Nelsoen

  • “Death is peaceful - easy. Life is harder”. After watching my beloved mother’s suffering as she died slowly in my home, I now know that both are excruciating. I held her as she took her last gasp for air, “I love you Mom!” There was no love in the room, apart from all of mine flowing like a waterfall onto Mom’s lifeless body, splashing back upon me with force that knocked me down again and again. Death wins. The funeral director, Greg, came inside and quietly sat near me. I began to listen to his compassionate and understanding voice, and then I knew what I could still do. I could honor Mom forever. In the moment, I could be sure that her beautiful body was handled with care and love, and that someone would watch over her with respect and reverence. I didn’t want to let her go. Greg and a beautiful lady gently took her from my home with a velvet blanket covering her, but not before I ran back to her and kissed her again, “I love you Mom!” The lady stood beside the hearse, as if protecting Mom. Then she came and put her angelic arms around me. Stephanie. They drove away, and I would never see my cherished mother again. I had not been granted the desire to die in her place. In the days and weeks that followed, Greg and Stephanie listened, understood, guided my shaking hands, and gave me whatever I needed them to give. I wouldn’t have survived this loss without having crossed these paths. Twin County Funerals is a beautiful, peaceful place, with angels running around inside it. Sensitive angels. Wise angels. It doesn’t get any better than that.
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    Betsy Banks, Loving daughter of Harriet Stangland

  • Greg and Stephanie, Now that the dust has settled a little, I wanted to take a moment and simply say thanks for all that you did during the time of Dad's passing. I know that Keith and I had a lot of questions, and may have some more as time goes on. I appreciate the way that they were handled in a kind and gracious manner. Neither of us had ever been through this before. Your facilities are beautiful. Dad was prepared in a manner that made him look very much at peace, which in the end he truly was. It was almost as if you had a picture of my grandfather to go by in your preparation as that is who he truly resembled at the end. The use of the room at the end for the food and celebration of life was very much appreciated. I know you and Keith had worked out the catering end of it. I thank you for the recommendation on the caterer, and also for delivering the food to the shelter when there was some left over. I know that there had to be tremendous amount of behind the scenes detail work that went into the service in Galax, and especially the service in Charlottesville. The site work, the tent and chairs, the arrangements for the vault, the military presentation all had to be coordinated. On a day that will rank as one of the most difficult in my life, knowing that you had control of the details was very reassuring. Collectively, I thank you for all of the services that you and your staff provided for us. I would highly recommend you to anyone. You made a very difficult time that much easier to deal with. Sincerely, Mark Scott
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    Mark Scott, son of the Late Thomas Scott

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